Welcome Gem Fam! Join me on Instagram for fun, live sale crystal shopping!



Hey! My name is Sherry, Owner and Operator of Gemini Kitty Crystals, and this is Rubio, my crystal unpacking and packing inspector.  I host live crystal sales on my Instagram page: @geminikittycrystals .

Here is a little bit about me and why I decided to open up this crystal shop:

I wanted to be able to share the magic of crystals and cats with others, so I decided to open up my very own crystal shop with an added kitty twist to it.  On the homepage, I feature kitties with their favorite crystals from Gemini Kitty Crystals.  My goal is to one day be able to donate a percentage of sales towards various animal welfare organizations.  

During 2020, crystals provided me with joy and comfort during difficult times.   I watched many, live crystal shows on social media and fell in love with the crystal community and magic of it all.  I also discovered that my kitties were and are very intrigued by stones and crystals.  Each of my kitties seems to be drawn to different crystals on different days, but they each seem to have that one favorite crystal. 

Gemini Kitty Crystals, is a one woman, owned and operated small business.  In addition to running this crystal business, I also work full time as a veterinary nurse.  I will do my absolute best to fulfill orders and answer any inquires you may have in a timely manner.  Please be patient with me. <3

I sage all of the crystals when they arrive into my inventory, as well as once again right before I ship them to you.  I believe that crystals choose their owners, whether that be human or feline. =^..^=

Thank you for stopping by and reading My About Me page!  I appreciate you and I look forward to meeting you during my lives!