Join me on Instagram for live sales. 1% of sales is donated to local cat rescues!


                                   Hey Gem Fam! My name is Sherry, Owner and Operator of Gemini Kitty Crystals.   I host live crystal sales and story sales on the Instagram page:     @geminikittycrystals as well as attend local pop-ups in the SoCal area. I offer a wide variety of crystal and stone materials in all shapes and sizes. I am also passionate about helping my local animal community.  1% of sales is donated to local cat rescues in the Southern California area! 

Here is a little bit about me and why I decided to open up this crystal shop:

During 2020, crystals provided me with joy and comfort during difficult times.   I watched many, live crystal shows on social media and fell in love with the crystal community and magic of it all.  The very first crystal, I claimed on a live sale, was a blue fluorite tower.  The collection always starts with one...

I also discovered that my kitties were and are very intrigued by stones and crystals.  Each of my cats seems to be drawn to different crystals on different days, but they each seem to have that one favorite crystal. ( Don't worry, I am always supervising them around crystals, making sure they don't, swallow them.)  

Gemini Kitty Crystals, is a one woman, owned and operated small business.  In addition to running this crystal business, I also work part time in the medical field.  I will do my absolute best to fulfill orders and answer any inquires you may have in a timely manner.  The best place to contact me is via DM on Instagram. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading My About Me page!  I appreciate you and I look forward to meeting you during my live sales or in person at a pop-up event!

 Sherry =^..^=